Big world, short life

Big world, short life

I was born in kentucky, no stars did shine that night

though I was red and shrinkled, I was my fathers pride

My parents were old-fashioned, they told me all the rules

they told me ‚bout Jesus passion and that smoking was for fools


It’s a big world and it’s hard to get along

I got no map, but I got to carry on

It’s a short life and there is so much to do

I wish I knew when I’m coming home to you

I couldn’t stand the reading, so I cheated on the tests

I felt like I had left schools much wiser than the rest

My dad sent me to collage, I tried to meddle through

I failed to gain some knowledge, but I managed to meet you


The first three years were happy, our first boy born in may

your father bought the house that my wages should pay

my boss was a control freak and made me work too hard

the sex became a habit and our love just fell apart


The eldest of our sons is already in jail

they all call it bad luck, I say his father’s failed

I lost all my possessions gambling out in town

No college for my children, I had to let them down


Now I have two jobs, at least they pay the rent

so that our four dear children don’t have to sleep in tents

I have to stay out long though, our daughter used it well

she had a dozen boys until her belly swelled


You left early this morning with the suitcase and the car

and all that you have left me was a swearword and a scar

and I can’t even blame you ‚cause I betrayed you twice

but swearwords in front of children, that wasn’t very nice


© lyrics/music by Arne Erdmann 2015