You’re brave and strong, you know right from wrong

you have a loving heart and you’re awfull smart


I like what you think in the evening, I like what you say in the morning

you shine so bright you beam out the sunshine, I hear your voice and I feel fine




When you laugh my worries are gone, I like your wit and I like your tone

I like your wisdom, I like your style, your independence and your smile




I like your curiosity, I like the way you stand and fight

I adore your crazyness, I love your weakness and your might




You forgive me when I’m mean, you accept and understand,

when I’m drunk you let me in, you love me and stay my friend




You’re an image in my mind, that’s why you’re so hard to find

noone real compares to you, you are perfect, but not true



You’re in a song, that is not wrong

it’s half the truth and your the proof


© lyrics and music: Arne Erdmann 2016

Double Bind

A                                   D                                E

You treat me like a jojo, first you pull and then you push

you reveal a secret, then you hide behind a bush

you got me so confused, I don’t know where I stand

I’m drifting in an ocean while I’m standing on the land


Chorus (2x)

double bind, double bind, It’s a crying shame

at the same time freezing ice and burning flame


I feel like a puppet that is hanging on your string

making funny movements that don’t lead to anything

would you be so kind and at least write me a plot

so I can act with sense, not like an uncontrolled robot


Chorus (2x)

double bind, double bind, It’s a crying shame

it makes freedom and enslavement seem the same


since I fell in love with you we’re playing tit for tat

like we did in school except our playground is not flat

it has four dimensions and the rules change all the time

I give up, surrender, I can’t make our poem rhyme


Chorus (2x)

double bind, double bind, It’s a crying shame

I have been a part of it before you came


© Arne Erdmann 2016