Inner Struggle Blues

Inner Struggle Blues brandnew

D                                                                   C

I stand in the supermarket, wondrin‘ what to buy

D                                                   C      G          D

choosin‘ half an hour between the peas and the pie


D                                                                           C

Every day is a competition, every day is a running race

D                                                      C         G  D

every day is a competition between me and myself

I’m glad that I stopped smokin‘ and traded it for my bike

I couldn’t stand the choosin‘ between camel and lucky strike

You might say at least I quit and decided to get old

but I’m not sure if staying fit or a young death might be bold


I may swear to never leave you and mean it from my heart

while wishing deep inside me to make a brandnew start

Sometimes the boy inside me, sometimes the old man wins

but then for sure the woman the battle new begins

I’m thinking about me moving, can’t stand this bloody town

but the country makes me sick and the big city brings me down


Now that you heard my story, please tell me what to do

I don’t know which to put on first my left or my right shoe

I think there’s one solution: I should kill myself today

but shall I shoot or hang myself, which is the proper way?

there’s something I must tell you, you’re going straight to hell

‚cause I must choose between two rhymes to finish this song well


This song was a competition, this song was a running race

this song was a competition between me and myself.

© Arne Erdmann, Am Grün 42, 35037 Marburg,

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