Say No

(Lyrics and music: Arne Erdmann © 2016)

For William Tonou-Mbobda – Say his name and say no!

We‘ll increase your income and your flexibility

give a boost to your mind and your creativity

your work will be productive, efficient and exact

you‘ll succeed if you follow the instructions it‘s a fact

Thank you for your offer, but I‘ll have it my own way

more efficiency is just stressing my day

I already work my ass off, that‘s what I say

and if I‘m more productive, for me it doesen‘t pay

the profit takes the company to Cayman Islands Bay

I say No – say No

Whatever kind of problem is bothering you

we can solve it, we can fix it, give back your life to you

we can change familiar patterns, that cause your suffering

just let go of your past, that‘ll change quite everything

This is very kind of you, you want to help I see

but my patterns help my friends to recognize it‘s me

and my past is holding me like roots are holding trees

suffering is part of me and it will always be

an ever happy person is someone who cannot feel

I say No – Say No

Your disease has a name we can call to keep it down

but you should not tell the people, when you go into town

we have pills, we have skills, we have means to set you free

you should do what you‘re told, it will work out, you will see

You offer to be my guide with your helping hand

and I would like to follow you, but I‘m afraid I can‘t

there‘ all kind of different people all across the land

and different it is not sick, you must understand

that you can call me names you like, but my life‘s in my hands

I say no – say No

If you are not compliant and refuse to work with us

you‘re a danger to yourself and in you we cannot trust

we will have to fix a needle, it is just for your own good

we will tie you down, sedate you, we‘re the masters, understood?

It is nice to have someone to tell me what I need

because I‘m a bit confused about the pills you feed

you say I can‘t find my way out there in the streets

and for more experience, you must imprison me

I don‘t see how I improve social and living skills

by lying on a bed totally stoned by your nice pills

you improve society, cause it‘s quiet and still

instead of fighting madness, you do fight against the will

I believe I‘m quite ok, but your system is ill

I say No – say No